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xtranormal dental comedies

xtranormal.com is a website dedicated to helping the average person make their own animated short movies. You type the script then pick the background, characters, sound effects, camera angles, etc. It’s become incredibly popular as users have thought of countless uses for the service. Of particular interest to us are the many funny dental shorts that have surfaced.

For some odd reason, xtranormal still doesn’t have a search function, but you can find dozens of their videos on Youtube. If this is your kind of humor, we’ve listed a few more of our favorites. For even more, just head over to Youtube and search for any xtranormal dental movies. ┬áHave fun!

Pediatric Dentist

Dentist Explains Payment Policy

Dentistry and Life Collide: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Thanks to Don Z. and Joe-Bob for submitting these!

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Source: Don Z.

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