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the toothbrush family

Some of you Captain Kangaroo fans may remember this little bit of dental nostalgia. The Toothbrush Family was an Australian animated series from the 70s that had more success than you may be aware.

The family consisted of mother Tess, father Tom, Gramps, and children Tina and Toby. Other characters such as the toothpaste, Flash Fluoride, and an electric toothbrush named Hot Rod Harry added a little more variety to the show. The characters came to life in a family’s bathroom when nighttime fell and somehow had enough bathroom adventures to stay on CBS for four years.

If you’d like to know more or just feel like reliving a bit of your past you can visit thetoothbrushfamily.com.

Here’s a bit longer clip from 1974. Of course, it includes the Toothbrush Family’s song near the end:

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