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tooth yankin’ methods – part 2

We’re back with more tooth yankin’ methods! This installment is dedicated to one of man’s most primitive weapons – the bow and arrow! Apparently, every dentist should have this in their armamentarium because it certainly gets used a lot by parents with Youtube accounts.

Our featured extraction showcases a compound bow-wielding mother and a little boy named Wubbie. We’re not sure who’s idea it was to pull his tooth out with a bow and arrow, but we get the idea it definitely wasn’t Wubbie’s. Kudos to Wubbie for being a pretty tough patient.

We had three runners up this go-round. Check them all out and let us know which one you like the best….

First up, an epic bow and arrow extraction. Hold back the tears if you can:

Where in the world is this next kid aiming? Hopefully the tooth was the only victim:

Now these folks have done this before. Notice the well-placed plastic sheet designed to catch the tooth:

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