why dentaltoons?

Let’s face it, people are obsessed with poking fun at the dental world! We’ve chosen to embrace this fact by bringing you DentalToons.com, the ultimate source for dental humor.

Our hope is to entertain the dental community by collecting into one convenient place all the humorous dental photos, comics, videos, jokes, and anything else that makes the dental-minded chuckle.  Whether you’re a dentist, hygienist, assistant, lab technician, or even a dental patient, this site is for you!  Now who says the dentist is no fun?!

Please visit us often as we will be adding new “toons” regularly.  You can follow us by e-mail or RSS.  We also have a Facebook fan page coming soon for your convenience.

If you have a dental funny in your possession and wish it to be on the site, you can submit it here – Submit Toon.

Thanks for visiting and have fun!

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